Teachers Dyslexia Workshop – Kiambu 2016

Project Starts on 1 June 2015

Teachers have an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children each and every day. With this honored position in kids’ lives, teachers also have a desire and responsibility to stay up to date on the best practices for each subject....

Dyslexia Online Teachers’ Training

Project Starts on 4th, 11, Sept 2021

Our Dyslexia course is perfect for those who work with children in schools, such as teachers, teaching assistants, and school leaders. The target age range is compulsory education (4-18 years) but the course may also be useful in early years settings. Our course will also be...

Sustainable Schools Project

Ongoing Project

We design activities and assemble materials for Dyslexia Awareness Events. However, they could equally well be used throughout the year to keep the importance of respecting difference at the forefront of people’s minds. Or they could be incorporated into a wider initiative designed to...

Go Red For Dyslexia

October 28, 2021

Ask any child with dyslexia their school experience and you’ll hear about the gut-wrenching fear of receiving back their school covered in red crosses and comments. The Red marks is a constant reminder of their mistakes and difficulties. DOK is excited to join the...