Demystifying dyslexia

 Emotional Turmoil

However, the real problem could be a disorder called dyslexia.

George and Liz Kinuthia are parents to a dyslexic child, Ryan, who is almost ten.

Their son’s condition has seen them grapple with emotional turmoil, hopping from one school to another in search of help.

Liz says Ryan was born healthy and normal, or so it appeared. However, three years later, they realised something was amiss when he could not utter a word.

They discovered their son had dyslexia through a friend who was also a doctor.

“He used to drool a lot, so we visited a paediatrician and were told that Ryan had delayed speech, mild autism and was hyperactive. Apart from these, he was normal and could play with other children,” Liz recalls.

They were advised to take him for therapy, which they could not afford.

Instead, they enrolled him in school to see if he would learn to speak, but after some time, they realised he was not improving. He could not even handle small things like a pencil.

They transferred him to another school but the situation remained the same.

“I watched a TV feature on autism and a centre that was helping such children. Since Ryan had been said to have mild autism, I decided to take him there, and with the help of therapists, we realised he could learn but his understanding was different from others,” Liz says.

Even though she did not give up, her son’s condition was frustrating her. His condition did not change even after they enrolled him at a school recommended by the Ministry of Education.

“After two terms, I was growing more desperate as the days went by. I resorted to looking for schools for such children on the Internet,” she remembers.

The long search finally bore fruits when they came across a school in Kitengela that caters for children with dyslexia.

“We found teachers who understood his condition and were ready to support him. He has been there for a year and is in Class Three. His condition is slowly improving,” says George.

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