Demystifying dyslexia

It is not a condition many parents are aware of; some term their children slow learners, while others blame schools for the seemingly slow development.

What would you do if your child spells the word ‘boy’ as ‘doy’, even after a thorough lesson on the topic? Many parents would panic, not knowing what to do, while others would be quick to blame teachers and the schools the children go to.

In the classroom setting, teachers sometimes come across students who find it tough to read and spell some words. Such students work very hard at reading, but it just never gets easier.

Surprisingly, these students may come across as intelligent people who would be expected to not only answer questions correctly, but also read and spell all words as required. However, for some reason, they just cannot do it.

Physically and intellectually, the child has no problem. But when the teacher poses a question, the child cannot recall the answer, even when it is something they obviously know.

Such students are often ridiculed and labelled ‘lazy’ and ‘slow learners’.

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